The effects of hormonal contraceptives on the human periodontium


A. Bryan Wade, Royal Dental Hospital, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LJ, England


The periodontal status of the six teeth of the Ramfjord P. D. J. in 89 women aged 17–23 years who were taking an oral contraceptive was compared with a group of 72 in the same age bracket practising other forms of contraception. Mean plaque scores for the two groups showed no significant difference, but were slightly lower in the hormonal group. G.I. scores for the hormonal group were slightly higher than for the other group, but the difference was not significant. Those who had been on oral contraceptives for more than 1.5 years (mean 3.0 years) had a lower plaque score than those who had taken them for less than 1.5 years (mean 0.7 years) but their G. I. was greater, and their mean amount of periodontal destruction significantly greater than in the shorter time group and in those of comparable age using other forms of contraception.