• UVA pre-exposure;
  • UVB-induced erythema;
  • chromometric

We examined the influence of ultraviolet A (UVA) pre-exposure on UVB minimal erythemal dose in 9 Caucasian subjects. Three zones were tested. One zone received only UVB, the second zone received a low UVA dose + UVB, and the third zone received a high UVA dose + UVB. Each zone was divided into 9 circles receiving increasing doses of UVB in order to obtain 3 different UVA-exposed series of 9 circles. Visual and chromometric readings were performed 24 h later. Pre-exposure to UVA caused variations in the slope of the dose-response curve (colorimetric index as a function of the UVB dose). In relation to UVB erythema, these variations indicated a protective effect for 6/9 subjects and an aggressive effect for 3/9 subjects. No predictive criteria were found for inclusion within a group.