• broad band UVB;
  • lichen planus;
  • narrow band UVB;
  • phototherapy


Background: Previous small reports suggested the role of ultraviolet (UV)-B in the management of cutaneous lichen planus.

Objective: To summarize our experience with UVB in a relatively large study group looking specifically into predictive factors for complete response and the long-term relapse rates.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of 50 patients with generalized cutaneous lichen planus, treated by broad or narrow band UVB.

Results: Seven and 43 patients were treated by broad and narrow band UVB, respectively. Complete response was achieved in 70% and 85% of those were still in remission after a median of 34.7 months. The complete response rate and the need for higher cumulative exposure doses were not influenced by sex, age, skin type, presence of additional diseases, failure of previous treatment or disease duration.

Limitations: This is a retrospective non-randomized analysis of a usually self-limiting disease.

Conclusion: UVB is a safe and efficient treatment option for generalized cutaneous lichen planus.