Treatment of oral lichen planus with methylene blue mediated photodynamic therapy – a clinical study


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Oral lichen planus is an autoimmune disorder that has posed a challenge in spite of the several treatment modalities available. Here, we have proposed yet another treatment modality, photodynamic therapy, for this condition. The aim of the study was to treat patients having symptomatic oral lichen planus with photodynamic therapy with methylene blue as photosensitizer.


Twenty patients with symptomatic oral lichen planus were included in the study. They were treated with 5% methylene blue mediated photodynamic therapy (light source: Xenon arc lamp, wavelength: 630 ± 5 nm, total dose: 120 J/cm2 per sitting) in four sessions (1st, 4th, 7th and 15th day). Follow-up was done on second and fourth week after the therapy.


There was significant improvement in signs and symptoms of the lesion at first and second follow-up visits (P-value < 0.001).


There was satisfactory reduction in signs and symptoms of oral lichen planus without any side effects. Thus, methylene blue mediated photodynamic therapy seems to be a promising alternative for the control of oral lichen planus.