Intrinsic, solar and sunbed-induced skin aging measured in vivo by multiphoton laser tomography and biophysical methods


Martin Johannes Koehler
Department of Dermatology
07743 Jena
Tel: +49 364 137 303
Fax: +49 364 137 343


Background: Skin aging is accelerated by extrinsic factors, particularly actinic damage. Over the last decades, both clinical and pathological differences between intrinsic and actinic aging have been characterized. In this work, we aimed at quantifying skin aging by non-invasive in vivo methods.

Methods: Young healthy volunteers using indoor tanning facilities and aged people were compared with appropriate controls by measurements of skin elasticity with the Cutometer and the Reviscometer and by semi-quantitative evaluation of the dermal matrix composition by the multiphoton laser tomograph DermaInspect.

Results: We found differences between the sun-protected volar forearm and the dorsal side as well as between young and old test persons with all three methods. No significant differences were found between the skin of indoor-tanned test persons and control. Also, gender had no influence on the severity of skin aging.

Conclusion: The most consistent results were obtained with the DermaInspect. The considerable inter-individual variation due to the cross-sectional design of the study may have disguised the factual skin damage caused by tanning beds.