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Gender-dependent differences in degree of facial wrinkles



Kazue Tsukahara

Biological Science Laboratories

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This study aimed to reveal gender-dependent differences in the degree of facial wrinkles.


Subjects comprised 173 Japanese men and women, divided into four groups according to age. Photographs were taken from nine facial regions and used to classify the intensity of wrinkles into five grades. In addition, replicas were taken from five facial sites and used to measure surface roughness. Data were compared between men and women within each age group.


In all age groups, men showed increased forehead wrinkles compared with women. In contrast, no gender-dependent differences were found in upper eyelid wrinkles. Other facial wrinkles were greater in men than in women in all except the oldest group (age, 65–75 years), in which wrinkles in women were greater than or equal to those in men.


Our results showed that gender-dependent differences exist in the degree of facial wrinkles. In general, men tend to have more severe wrinkles than women. This tendency disappeared or was reversed in some regions of the face and in individuals more than 60 years old.