Wild Plum: novel blue fluorescent compounds capable of luminosity restoration in sun-exposed skin



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Novel, blue fluorescent solids referred to as Wild Plum compounds can camouflage skin imperfections when incorporated into cosmetic products. We evaluated the relationship between sun exposure and skin fluorescence and determined if the application of Wild Plum formulations could restore lost fluorescence without harming the skin.


The forehead skin of two groups of volunteers of mixed gender and age was examined for fluorescence and redness. In addition, subjects answered questions describing any adverse sensations they experienced after their skin was exposed to Wild Plum formulations for extended periods of time.


Fluorescence measurements of both solar and non-solar skin indicated that repeated sun exposure causes a loss of skin fluorescence. Application of Wild Plum formulations caused an increase in skin fluorescence at all concentrations, restoring solar skin fluorescence to values well beyond that of non-solar skin. Photo analysis and interview questions indicated that these formulations did not cause any symptoms of irritancy.


Wild Plum compounds have the ability to restore fluorescence of solar skin to a level significantly higher than that associated with non-solar skin. Skin appears more luminous and therefore more youthful. This fluorescence restoration is achieved at relatively low concentrations, without any harmful side effects.