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Figure S1: Western blot showing the distribution of Snc1/2p and Sso1/2p in sorbitol vesicle gradient fractions from the sro7Δ strain. Samples were prepared and treated as in Figure 1 and Materials and Methods. Proteins were resolved by SDS–PAGE and analyzed by Snc1/2p and Sso1/2p immunoblots.

Figure S2: Breakdown by known localization of the 91 proteins identified in Table 2. Annotations are from the SGD yeast GO slim component catalogue ( Sub-cellular compartments are organized on the basis of number of proteins with the indicated annotation, in clockwise falling order.

Figure S3: Relative generation time (h) of deletion mutants. The relative generation time was calculated as (LN [WT/mutant]). Cells were cultured in defined medium in microtiter plates at 30°C and OD was recorded automatically as previously described (69). Medium contained no added NaCl or 0.85 M NaCl. The relative generation time of the salt-sensitive sro7Δ is given as a reference.

Table S1: All proteins identified by iTRAQ analysis

Table S2: Protein abundance in PGV fractions from sec6-4 cells as compared to sro7Δ cells

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