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Figure S1: CPY secretion upon gene overexpression. Cells carrying overexpression plasmids encoding the indicated genes were spotted onto SGC-URA plates and CPY secretion was assayed as described in Materials and Methods. Cells that strongly secrete the CPY-invertase chimera turn black and cells that secrete less than wild-type remain white. PET10 was excluded from further analyses.

Figure S2: Canavanine sensitivity upon gene overexpression. Serial dilutions of cells carrying overexpression plasmids encoding the indicated genes were spotted onto SGC-URA-ARG plates containing indicated canavanine concentrations. Plates were scanned after 4 days of growth at 30°C.

Figure S3: Phenotypic characteristics of uncharacterized gene deletions. A) Indicated yeast strains carrying CEN plasmids with indicated markers were grown in synthetic medium, followed by fluorescence microscopy. Size bar = 5 µm. B) Functionality of Cvt pathway upon gene deletion. Indicated yeast strains were grown to logarithmic phase, equal amounts of cells were harvested and lysed by addition of 10% trichloroacetic acid. Maturation of Ape1 was analyzed by western blot using an anti-Ape1 antibody.

Table S1: Yeast strains and plasmids used in this study.

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