This study describes design and field performance of a new enclosed CO2/H2O gas analyser, LI-7200. Unlike present closed-path analysers, this new instrument is designed for operation with short intake tubes, with the intention to maximize strengths and to minimize weaknesses of both traditional open-path and closed-path approaches. The study provides description of the instrument, shows the principles of its operation, and explains advantages of a new design. Field results are provided from three field experiments with the prototypes, and cover such parameters as high frequency air temperature and pressure fluctuations inside the sampling cell versus ambient conditions, instantaneous concentrations and cospectra for CO2 and H2O in comparison with open-path instrument, and eddy covariance hourly CO2 and H2O fluxes in comparison with both open-path and closed-path instruments. Field data loss inventory is also provided in comparison with open-path and closed-path gas analysers. The new enclosed design results in little data loss during precipitation and icing, similar to the closed-path design, but with a low power consumption and high field stability comparable to open-path instruments.