Appendix S1. Figures S1, S2, S3 and S4.

Figure S1. Example of the nighttime and diurnal cycle of 13CO2 at different heights above the ground, one week apart, for spring (March 27 and April 2, 2008 for night and diel, respectively), summer (July 29 and July 22, 2009) and fall (October 18 and October 10, 2007).

Figure S2. Standard error of the Keeling plot intercept for Nighttime and Diel sampling versus the range of CO2 concentrations for each plot.

Figure S3. Monthly average Keeling plot intercepts for Nighttime and Diel sampling protocols.

Figure S4. The fractional contribution to total ecosystem respiration from C3 versus C4 plant types, estimated by a two-member mixing model with end members of --28.2 and --12.4‰, respectively from Still et al. (2003b), this study, and the Nighttime and Diel sampling protocols.

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