Appendix S1: Singular Spectrum Analysis.

Appendix S2: Auxiliary NM time series.

Appendix S3: Wavelet Analysis results.

Fig S1. Monthly (grey) and yearly (black) means of meteorological data at Neumayer Station together with the SAM and SOI circulation indices. While the SAM and SOI indices are monthly anomalies, the meteorological data sets are normalized by the respective mean values.

Fig. S2. Wavelet analysis of monthly means of 7Be, 210Pb together with SAM and SOI using a Morlet-6 wavelet and the code offered by Grinsted et al. (2004) (as based on Torrence and Combo (1998)). Thick black contour encloses area of 5% significance against red noise, in the light coloured area edge effects might distort the wavelet analysis. Colour code is associated with spectral power of the time series.

Fig. S3. Same as figure S2 but for meteorological parameters.

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