Appendix S1. Aerosol characteristics during pre-monsoon

Appendix S2. Aerosol characteristics during monsoon

Fig. S1. (a, b) The 532 nm attenuated backscatter and depolarization profiles from CALIPSO over Kanpur on 31 May at the time of experiment.

Fig. S2. (a) bext and (b) SSA from Kanpur to Jaipur on 9 September. x and y axes represent the latitude and longitude and z-axis has the height.

Fig. S3. (a) bext and (b) SSA from Kanpur to Bhubaneswar on 12 September, (c) bext and (d) SSA from Kanpur to Indore on 14 September and (e) bext and (f) SSA from Nagpur to Bhubaneswar on 14 September.

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