• Allopregnancy;
  • cellular immunity;
  • suppression;
  • placenta

ABSTRACT: The transfer of cells from allopregnant animals to syngeneic receivers allografted with paternal strain tumor leads to mild but significant enhancement. The effect can be defined as T cell mediated. Cells from allopregnant animals can suppress a mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) of maternal responders against paternal stimulators. The effect relies upon a THY 1+, Ly 2+, Ia+ cell. Cell-mediated lympholysis (CML) assay could also be suppressed by cells from allopregnant animals. Placental products are capable of interfering with allograft rejection in vivo. They can block MLR in vitro, and seem to act in part via the induction of suppressor cells. The respective roles of these depressive components, together with enhancing antibodies, is discussed.