• Autoimmunity;
  • cell-mediated immune response;
  • humoral response;
  • histopathological studies;
  • male accessory glands;
  • rats

ABSTRACT: Isoimmunization of Wistar rats with male accessory gland (MAG) extract and complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) induces a specific cell-mediated immune response detected by skin delayed hypersensitivity, spleen lymphocyte culture as well as by the presence of macrophage inhibitory factor and skin reactive factor. Specific antibodies have also been investigated by hemagglutination, immunodiffusion, and complement-fixation tests. In a group of rats receiving a single immunizing dose no antibody response was detected, but in 5 out of 8 rats a cell-mediated immune response was found accompanied in three of them by mild histological changes in the target organ. In a second group that underwent a more intense and extended immunization schedule, the humoral response was detected by complement fixation in only three undiluted sera. The cellular immune mechanism was found in 18 out of 20 rats through one or more of the tests in the study. Male accessory gland lesions in various degrees were observed in 15 cases and they were mainly represented by mononuclear infiltration. Whether a cell-mediated or humoral mechanism is responsible for induction of the tissue damage observed in the target glands is discussed.