Lymphocyte Cytotoxicity Assay for Predicting Preterm Delivery of Small for Date Babies


Institute of Microbiology, University Medical School, H-7643, Pécs, Hungary.


ABSTRACT: Cytotoxic activity of lymphocytes, obtained from 84 pregnant women was tested, using human embryonic fibroblast cells as target cells. Lymphocytes of 8 women who delivered small for date babies before term and those of 3 women who had spontaneous abortions were significantly more cytotoxic (p < 0.001) than lymphocytes of women who delivered small for date babies at term, appropriately grown babies before term, or appropriately grown babies at term.

Data suggest that a higher level of in vitro lymphocyte cytotoxic activity of pregnant women forecasts either the preterm delivery of small for date babies or the occurrence of spontaneous abortions.