• Spermatozoal antibodies;
  • in vivo and in vitro fertilization of mice;
  • interference in early embryonic development

ABSTRACT: Under in vitro and in vivo conditions, the influence of spermatozoal antibodies on isolated gametes and early embryonic stages up to implantation and into postimplantation fetal development was tested.

In the in vitro experiment, a clear-cut correlation between the amount of antisera added and the reduction of fertilization rates was observed. In the in vivo experiments, female mice were immunized with homologous washed sperms. A correlation between the amount of immunization and the reduction of fertilization rate occurred. In the sperm-immunized female group, the percentage of large blastocysts showed statistically significant reduction in correlation to the amount of immunization.

Spermatozoal antibodies had an effect on isolated gametes, on fertilization, and on the early development of the embryo as well as on implantation.

No influence of sperm antibodies either in low or high titer sperm antisera on developmental stages occurred. No spermatozoal antibody-induced abortions occurred. However, an influence of high titer antisera on implantation was evident.