• MAR test;
  • sperm antibodies;
  • seminal analysis

ABSTRACT: A mixed erythrocyte-spermatozoa antiglobulin reaction (MAR test) for IgG antibodies has been done on semen specimens supplied by the male partners in 720 subfertile couples during a two-year period. The test was possible in all except 69 patients (9.5%). Antisperm antibodies were detected in 48 (10%) of 484 men with normal sperm counts, 18 (23%) of 78 with low sperm motility, and 19 (15%) of 128 with low counts. In 204 patients, antisperm antibodies were also measured by serum sperm-agglutination tests: The results showed a highly significant correlation with the results of MAR testing. It is concluded that the MAR test should be a routine part of seminal analysis, since the presence of IgG antisperm antibodies can be established in about 10% of men who might otherwise be passed as normal, and such antibodies can be positively excluded in a further 78% of the male partners of infertile marriages.