• Alpha-fetoprotein;
  • germ cell tumor;
  • yolk sac tumor;
  • solid teratoma;
  • lectin

ABSTRACT: Using concanavalin A (Con A) crossed-line affinity immunoelectrophoresis and lentil lectin (LCH) crossed-line affinity immunoelectrophoresis, alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) subfractions were studied in sera including three sera from nude mice heterotran-splanted with human yolk sac tumor of the ovary and three sera from patients with yolk sac tumor, mature solid teratoma, or immature solid teratoma of the ovary. In sera of nude mice bearing yolk sac tumor or from a patient with yolk sac tumor, subfractions from yolk sac and those from fetal liver were identified. Since AFP subfractions from yolk sac and fetal liver can be differentiated according to the carbohydrate moieties, our findings indicate that AFP produced by yolk sac tumor and fetal yolk sac are to some extent differently glycosylated. We also found that AFP in both mature and immature solid teratoma was composed of two subfractions ontogenetically originating from yolk sac or fetal liver. All these findings indicate that more than two different factors are responsible for the AFP synthesis in germ cell tumor of the ovary.