Analysis of Antibodies Against Mouse Spermatozoa Using an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)


Department of Biological Sciences, University of Newcastle, New South Wales 2308, Australia.


ABSTRACT: Conventional techniques used for the analysis of antisperm antibodies are not suited to the mouse model because of their requirements for relatively large amounts of serum and their inability to handle large numbers of samples. This has inhibited use of the mouse as an experimental model in areas involving antisperm immunity. As the ELISA technique has been successfully applied to analysis of antisperm antibody in human sera, we investigated its use as an assay for screening antisperm antibody in mouse serum. This report describes a simplified version of the ELISA technique that we have found to be successful for this purpose. The assay described can assess levels and classes of antisperm antibody in mouse serum and can also be used as a screening assay for monoclonal antibodies to mouse sperm. It should facilitate use of the mouse in experimental work in areas involving assessment of immunity to sperm.