Antisperm Antibodies and Circulating Immune Complexes of Vasectomized Men With and Without Coronary Events


Eastern Virginia Medical School, CONRAD, Lewis Hall, 700 Olney Road, Norfolk, VA 23507.


ABSTRACT: We compared antisperm antibody and circulating immune complex (CIC) levels in serum samples from 101 vasectomized and 101 normal age-matched nonvasectomized men; 31 of each group had histories of coronary heart disease (CHD). Vasectomy and CHD status were treated as categorical independent variables in the two-way analysis of variance. Elevations of both systolic and diastolic blood pressures were significantly associated with age and body mass index but not vasectomy. Antisperm antibodies (immobilizing and agglutinating) were significantly associated with vasectomy (P ≤ .001); the incidences were similar in men with and without CHD.

The CICs were significantly associated with vasectomy in a Staphylococcus aureus (FcSa) CIC assay (P ≤ .001) and a Raji cell CIC assay (P ≤ .05). A third CIC assay, the Clq binding asssay, did not reveal a difference between any subgroups. Generally, CICs occurred more frequently in the CHD group by the FcSa assay and particularly the Raji cell assay (P ≤ .001). In summary, vasectomized men had a higher incidence and higher levels of circulating antisperm autoantibodies and CICs than did age-matched controls.