Distribution of Trop 3 and 4 Antigens as Defined by Monoclonal Antibodies Raised Against a Human Choriocarcinoma Cell Line


INSERM U210, Laboratoire d'lmmunologie, Faculté de Médecine, Chemin de Vallombrose, 06034 Nice Cedex, France.


ABSTRACT: The reactivities of Trop 3 and 4 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were studied on human term and 7-week extraembryonic membranes, adult tissues, and cell lines. Trop 3 MAb reacted with cells of chorionic villi, decidua, amniotic epithelium, and basal plate trophoblast. Trop 4 MAb reacted only with syncytiotrophoblast. On epithelium, Trop 3 MAb bound to stratified and glandular epithelium, but Trop 4 MAb reactivity was limited to basal keratinocytes. On peripheral blood mononuclear cells, Trop 3 MAb reacted with the majority of cells and Trop 4 MAb with the totality. Most cell lines were positive with both MAbs. However, one chemically induced MHC mutant was negative and another decreased its expression of Trop 3 antigen. Our results suggest Trop 3 MAb might recognize a monomorphic determinant of TLX antigens and Trop 4 is involved in cell proliferation or in cell-to-cell interaction.