A Monoclonal Antibody Against Human Testicular Anti-Müllerian Hormone


Unité de Recherches sur l'Endocrinologie du Développement, INSERM, Hǒpital des Enfants-Malades, 75743, Paris cedex 15, France.


ABSTRACT: Using immunochromatography on a polyclonal antibody, testicular anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) was purified from homogenates of human fetal testicular tissue and used as an antigen for hybridoma production. Two IgM clones were obtained. Both recognized AMH on biopsies of human testicular tissue and one blocked its anti-Müllerian activity. This monoclonal antibody (MAb) exhibited a relatively high affinity for AMH, and was studied further. It is interspecific, recognizing AMH in other mammalian species. The study of this MAb in relation to an IgM MAb raised against bovine AMH (bAMH) indicates that both MAbs recognize different but related epitopes on bAMH.