Sperm Peroxidases and Their Possible Role as Glycoprotein-Containing Con A and Wheat Germ Lectin Receptors


Centro de Investigaciones en Reproducción, Facultad de Medicina, 1121 Buenos Aires, República Argentina.


ABSTRACT: Peroxidases have been detected in the membrane of the ejaculated normal spermatozoon; their distribution on the different zones of the gamete has been determined. This distribution is similar to that of the N-linked glycoprotein-containing oligosaccharides. Their resemblance and similarity to the plant peroxidases, which are glycoproteins with N-type oligosaccharides, suggest that the sperm peroxidases might be, at least partially, identical to concanavalin A (Con A) and wheat germ lectin glycoprotein-containing receptors.