Levels of lnterleukin-2 Receptor in Serum of Patients During the Menstrual Cycle and Following Embryo/Gamete Transfer


Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, 505 N.W. 185th Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97006.

Institute for Reproductive Research, 1245 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 905, Los Angeles, CA 90017.


ABSTRACT: In an attempt to establish whether nidation elicits a measureable systemic immunologic response in vivo, levels of interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R) have been determined in serum drawn from 34 pregnant patients (IUP) immediately before embryo/ gamete transfer, and 7 and 14 days later. For comparison, these same values were determined for 41 subjects who did not conceive, and for 18 who spontaneously aborted (SAB) during the first trimester of gestation. Serum IL-2R values were near 320 U/ml and did not differ between days within outcomes, or within days between outcomes. Furthermore, levels of IL-2R and β-hCG in serum were not interrelated on days 7 or 14 of pregnancy (SAB or IUP). Serum IL-2R levels did not change during the menstrual cycle. The present results appear to traverse presumptive elements of existing hypotheses of “placental immunotropism.”