HLA-DR and DQ Antigens and Anticardiolipin Antibodies in Women With Recurrent Spontaneous Abortions


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ABSTRACT: IgG anticardiolipin antibodies (ACL) have been shown to occur in a high proportion of women with repeated unexplained miscarriages. Forty-nine women with unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortions (RSA), previously assayed for the presence of ACL by an enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assay, were typed for HLA-DR and DQ antigens by the classical microlymphocytotoxicity test. Twenty-five women were positive for ACL and 24 were negative. HLA-DR7 was found in 24.5% of 49 habitually aborting women vs. 28% of healthy controls; but the DR7 frequency was 40% in ACL positive patients vs. 8.3% in ACL negative patients (P = 0.011). These results show that in the Italian population an association between HLA-DR7 antigen and ACL is present in women with unexplained RSA, suggesting that HLA-DR genes might control the susceptibility to specific autoantibody production.