• Anti-GM3 antibody;
  • ganglioside;
  • recurrent pregnancy loss;
  • antiphospholipid antibodies

PROBLEM: The ganglioside-GM3 neutralizes the reactivity of antiphospholipid antibodies (APLs) to phospholipids in vitro. The question of whether anti-GM3 antibodies might exert influence in APLs-positive recurrent pregnancy loss patients who are undergoing prednisolone and aspirin (PSL/ASA) treatment was investigated.

METHOD: The anti-GM3 antibody assay of sera was accomplished by ELISA. Sera of 56 patients with recurrent pregnancy loss, including 30 APLs-positive cases given PSL/ASA treatment, were examined.

RESULTS: Patients positive for IgG or IgM type anti-GM3 antibodies constituted 13/30 (43%) of the APLs-positive group as compared with only 2/26 (8%) of those who were negative (P<0.01). In pregnant women with APLs-positive treated with PSL/ASA, live births occurred in only 6/13 (46%) patients with detectable anti-GM3 antibodies, while in 16/17 (94%) who tested negative for anti-GM3 antibodies (P<0.01).

CONCLUSIONS: This observation suggests the possibility that presence of anti-GM3 antibodies may be an indicator for determining the prognosis in recurrent pregnancy loss with elevated level of APLs.