Lack of Magainin-Like Activity in Human Cervical Tissue


Reproductive Endocrine Section, Department of OB/GYN, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA 30912-3360.


PROBLEM: The cervix plays an integral role in innate immunity of the human reproductive tract. Magainins are antimicrobial and spermicidal peptides recently described in human submandibular glands. We investigated the human cervix for magainin-like peptides.

METHOD: Histologic sections of frozen and paraffin embedded cervical tissue from nine subjects were separately incubated with two rabbit, polyclonal, anti-magainin antibodies (CB-2 and CB-7) to investigate for magainin-like activity in the human cervix.

RESULTS: There was no specific staining of cervical columnar cells within the endocervical canal or in the endocervical crypts. Magainin-like immunoreactivity in the human submandibular gland confirmed previous observations.

CONCLUSION: Antigen related to magainin-like peptides were not discovered in the human cervix.