• Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor;
  • labor;
  • pregnancy

PROBLEM: To determine the concentration of the two soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors (sTNFR), sp55 and sp75, in healthy pregnant women.

METHOD: Serum and urine samples were longitudinally collected from a group of pregnant women (N=53) five times throughout pregnancy. Maternal and umbilical sera were obtained from some of the deliveries (N=31). The samples were analysed using ELISA based on two monoclonal antibodies (IV4E and 3H5) against the soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors (sp55 and sp75).

RESULTS: Serum concentration of sp55 and sp75 were increased in pregnant women compared to that of nonpregnant controls. Concentration of both sTNFRs increased towards term. Labor was associated with further increase of sp55. Concentrations of sp55 and sp75 in umbilical serum were significantly higher than those of maternal serum. Significant correlations were observed between maternal and umbilical sTNFR concentrations.

CONCLUSIONS: The current study suggests that pregnancy is associated with an activation of mechanisms regulating the biological activities of TNF.