Use of Chemiluminescent Method for Evaluation of Postoperative Adhesion Formation After Reproductive Pelvic Surgery: An Experimental Study


Department of the Surgical Gynecology, Center Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 117815, GSP-7, Moscow, Oparin str. 4.


Surgery on the uterine horns was performed on 160 animals with application of catgut (CG) and prolene (PN), as well as the assisting application of interceed (TC 7) and fibrin glue (FG). The data of chemiluminescence (CL) of peritoneal phagocytes (PP) were compared with the results of evaluation of reparative wound regeneration. It was determined that the initial level and spontaneous CL activity of phagocytes in healthy animals was low or there were none of them that testified to a quiet cellular state. The maximal activating effect on PP was produced by CG, less so by FG, even less by TC 7, and the least by PN.