• Follicular fluid;
  • interleukin-10;
  • ovulation

PROBLEM: The present study aimed at investigating the presence of Interleukin-10 (IL-10) in preovulatory follicular fluid (FF) and its possible correlation with 17-β-estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P) levels, and treatment outcome in patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET).

METHODS: Twenty consecutive patients with tubal factor infertility who underwent oocyte retrieval for IVF-ET were assayed for pooled, preovulatory FF levels of IL-10, E2, and P.

RESULTS: The mean FF levels of IL-10, E2, and P were 78.7 ± 104.7 pg/ml, 2,787.0 ± 726.1 pg/ml, and 1.5 ± 0.8 ng/ml, respectively. No correlation was found between preovulatory FF concentration of IL-10, E2, oocyte number, oocyte fertilization rate, embryo quality, and pregnancy rate. The levels of IL-10 were found to be negatively correlated with P concentration, although not significantly (P = 0.057).

CONCLUSION: Interleukin-10 exists in the preovulatory FF. Further investigations are needed to determine the role of IL-10 in the folliculogenesis.