Heparin Plus Aspirin as a “Single” Therapy for Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion Associated with both Allo- and Autoimmunity


Reproduction Program, University of Antioquia, AA 1226 Medellin, Colombia.


PROBLEM: The aim of this study was to contribute to the study of the pathogenesis and the treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) associated with immune alterations.

METHOD OF STUDY: This is a prospective clinical trial with 11 patients with RSA associated with allo- and autoimmunity not receiving lymphocyte immunizations but only heparin and aspirin preconceptionally and through pregnancy. A concurrent group of 8 patients receiving a complete therapy (lymphocyte immunizations, heparin, and aspirin) but not receiving heparin and aspirin preconceptionally is also included in this report.

RESULTS: The rate of pregnancy success in these patients was 90.9% (10/11), and the rate of success of the concurrent group was 75.0% (6/8).

CONCLUSIONS: The results are in agreement with the working hypothesis regarding the possible final common mechanism in the pathogenesis of abortion associated with allo- and autoimmunity. The “single” therapy with heparin and aspirin was effective, less costly, and logistically simpler to provide than a complete therapy including lymphocyte immunizations.