Elevated Interleukin-8 in Cervical Mucus as an Indicator for Treatment to Prevent Premature Birth and Preterm, Pre-labor Rupture of Membranes: a Prospective Study


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Problem:  We investigated whether cervical shortening and high interleukin (IL)-8 in cervical mucus were valuable indications for treatment to prevent premature birth and preterm, pre-labor rupture of membranes (pPROM).

Method of study:  Pregnant women were divided into group A, in which neither cervical IL-8 nor cervical length was measured in the middle trimester; and groups B and C, in which cervical length and cervical IL-8 were measured, and bed rest or cerclage was performed when cervical shortening was detected. In group B, vaginal washing with povidone iodine and insertion of chloramphenicol vaginal tablets were carried out in women with IL-8 elevations.

Results:  In group B, duration of pregnancy was significantly prolonged compared with group A and C, and occurrence of pPROM was significantly lower. No significant differences were found in those rates between groups A and C.

Conclusion:  Successful treatment for women with IL-8 elevations in cervical mucus decreased rates of premature birth or pPROM.