Am J Reprod Immunol 2005; 53:13–20.

Loss of surface CD200 on stored allogeneic leukocytes may impair anti-abortive effect in vivo.

Clark DA, Chaouat G.

In the above paper1, Figure 5 was published with incorrect IVIG concentrations on the x-axis. The amended figure is printed below.

Figure 5.

Anti-CD200 abrogates suppressive effect of human intravenous immunoglobulin G (IVIG) in natural killer (NK) cytotoxicity assay. Fresh peripheral blood lymphocyte were tested at a ratio of 50:1 with 10451Cr-labeled K562 target cells in 200 μL medium with 10% fetal bovine serum. In some sets of wells, Bayer IVIG was added at different doses at the final concentration indicated at the beginning of the assay. Six replicate wells were utilized for each test groups. Percent suppression of NK lytic activity (LU20) was calculated as described in Materials and methods, and is expressed as mean + 1 S.E.M. In the untreated control for IVIG suppression, 51Cr release at 18 hr in this experiment was 69.1% (LU20 = 5.26). The effect of addition of 2 μg monoclonal anti-human CD200 antibody was tested in control and IVIG-supplemented wells (for flow cytometry, 1 μg/106 cells is normally used, and 2 μg was used in the experiments to ensure binding/blocking of binding of CD200 to CD200R). *P < 0.05 abrogation of suppression of IVIG by anti-CD200.