Am J Reprod Immunol 2005; 54:232–239.

Immunological characterization of superantigen-induced intrauterine fetal and newborn death.

Takei E, Tamauchi H, Maruyama H, Nakanishi K, Ishikawa M, Unno N, Habu S.

In the above paper,1Table II contained incorrect data. Please find the corrected version below:

Table II.  Newborn Mortality Rate from Pregnant Mice with TSST-1 injection
ParentsNewborn genotypeMortality rate (%)a
  1. TCR-TG, BALB/c and RAG2KO female mice were mated with male mice from various strains and pregnant mice were injected i.p. with 25 μg of TSST-1 per mouse. On day 5 after injection newborn mortality rate was scored.

  2. aMortality rate is expressed as dead newborn/total number.

TCR(+/+)-TgTCR(+/+)-TgTCR(+/+)-Tg42.9 (6/14)
BALB/cTCR(+/−)-TgTCR(+/−)-Tg41.2 (7/17)
 TCR(−/−)-Tg57.1 (4/7)
TCR(+/−)-TgBALB/cTCR(+/−)-Tg0.0 (0/9)
 TCR(−/−)-Tg0.0 (0/6)
BALB/cBALB/cBALB/c17.3 (9/52)
TCR(+/+)-TgRAG2KOTCR(+/−)-Tg3.5 (2/57)