• Cytokine;
  • gene polymorphism;
  • preeclampsia

Problem  Considering that cytokines are involved in preeclampsia (PE) pathogenesis and that cytokine gene polymorphism may affect cytokine production, our purpose was to investigate the association of PE with tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α (−308), transforming growth factor-β1 (+10; 25), interleukin (IL)-10 (−1082), IL-6 (−174), and interferon-γ (+874) polymorphisms.

Method of study  Genotyping was performed in women with PE (56 White and 95 non-White women) and in women without obstetric pathology (92 White and 97 non-White women). Data were analyzed by the chi-square or Fisher exact test. We performed a meta-analysis encompassing these and results from other laboratories on the association of TNF-α polymorphisms and PE.

Results  We observed a lower frequency of the IL-10 −1082-G/G genotype in White women with PE (PE: 5%; Control (C): 15%, P = 0.02) and no association for all other polymorphisms, including meta-analysis of TNF-α results.

Conclusion  Our study suggests that PE is associated with IL-10-(1082) polymorphism but not with TNF-(308) polymorphism. On the basis of meta-analysis, we confirm the need for more studies for the evaluation of cytokine genotype in disease.