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ORIGINAL ARTICLE: RCAS1 Decidual Immunoreactivity and RCAS1 Serum Level During Cesarean Section with Respect to the Progression of Labor


Lukasz Wicherek, Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Oncology of the Jagiellonian University, 23 Kopernika Str, 31-501 Krakow, Poland.



RCAS1 (a receptor-binding cancer antigen expressed on SiSo cells) is a membrane protein present also in a soluble form that seems to be responsible for the suppression of the cytotoxic immune response during gestation. The present study evaluates the decidual immunoreactivity level of RCAS1 and the serum level of RCAS1 with respect to the progression of labor at the time of cesarean section.

Method of study

RCAS1 immunoreactivity was assessed by immunohistochemistry in 47 decidual samples, and the RCAS1 serum level was established in 47 blood serum samples derived from patients on whom cesarean sections were performed. The patients were divided into three groups according to the progression of their labor at the time when the cesarean was performed.


The highest RCAS1 serum concentration and the highest RCAS1 decidual immunoreactivity were found in patients on whom cesarean sections were performed during advanced labor and were statistically, significantly higher than in cases where cesarean sections were performed without labor or after the spontaneous beginning of labor.


Alterations in the RCAS1 serum and decidua levels seem to be associated with immune response changes during the progression of labor.