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ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Repertoire and Clonality of T-Cell Receptor Beta Variable Genes Expressed in Endometrium and Blood T Cells of Patients with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion


Mahmood Jeddi-Tehrani, Monoclonal Antibody Research Center, Avesina Research Institute, Immune and Gene Therapy Lab, Cancer Center Karolinska, Karolinska Institute.


Problem  Recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) is a relatively common disorder, the underlying causes of which are thought to be immunological in most cases.

Method of study  Expression profile and clonality pattern of T-cell receptor beta variable (TCRBV) genes in endometrium and blood of patients with RSA were investigated by semi-quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) using BV gene-specific primers. Relative expression of each BV family was determined and clonal expansion of the over-expressed genes was assessed by analysis of CDR3 length polymorphism.

Results  Compared to blood, relative expression of four TCRBV genes was significantly higher in the endometrium of RSA group. Over-expressed genes, except for TCRBV3, all had restricted and oligoclonal patterns of expression in the endometrium.

Conclusion  Endometrial T cells have a skewed TCRBV repertoire with restricted transcript heterogeneity, which is shared by both groups and minor variations observed in this pattern in RSA patients may reflect more recent and/or repeated exposure to nominal antigens or superantigens.