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ORIGINAL ARTICLE: IL-6 as a Regulatory Factor of the Humoral Response During Pregnancy


Gabriela Gutiérrez, Immunology, IDEHU, CONICET/UBA, Junín 956 4P (1113), Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Problem  Regulatory factors seem to be essential to achieve transition from implantation window to placental vascularization. A novel function of interleukin (IL)-6 in the promotion of Th2 differentiation and inhibition of Th1 polarization has been demonstrated. Considering that Th2 response promotes antibody synthesis, we postulate that IL-6 could be modulating the quality of this response during pregnancy by increasing the proportion of blocking asymmetric antibodies.

Method of study  We investigated expression of blocking-asymmetric-IgG during pregnancy of CBA/J × DBA/2 abortion model treated with IL-6, with regards to CBA/J × BALB/c. We also determined asymmetric-IgG production in IL-6-deficient pregnant mice.

Results  We found that IL-6 treatment increased asymmetric-IgG in multiparous placentas from abortion combination whereas diminished abortion rate. Moreover, asymmetric-IgG proportion was diminished in sera from IL-6-deficient pregnant mice.

Conclusion  Modulation of asymmetric antibody synthesis could be another mechanism implicated in the beneficial effect of IL-6 in prevention of murine recurrent abortion.