• Interleukin I polymorphisms;
  • Interleukin I receptor antagonist;
  • recurrent pregnancy loss

Problem  The interleukin-1 system has been implicated in pregnancy outcome. Fetal carriage of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) specific alleles has been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes including spontaneous abortion and pre-term labor. This study was undertaken to compare the frequency of IL-1RN*2 alleles among both male and female partners of couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss with that of fertile control couples.

Method of study  Buccal swabs were obtained from 42 couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss and from 20 fertile control couples. DNA was extracted from the buccal swabs and analyzed for the presence of IL-1RN variable number tandem repeat.

Results  No significant differences were found when the frequency of IL-1RN*2 polymorphisms were compared between fertile control couples and couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. Similar results were also obtained when comparing women or men respectively from each group.

Conclusion  IL-1RN*2 allele is not a risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss.