Inductive/Effector Mechanisms for Humoral Immunity at Mucosal Sites


Peter F. Wright, Dartmouth Medical School, Division of Infectious Disease and International Health, 1 Medical Center Drive, Lebanon, NH, 03756, USA.


Citation Wright PF. Inductive/effector mechanisms for humoral immunity at mucosal sites. Am J Reprod Immunol 2011; 65: 248–252

Problem  Inductive and effector functions in the human mucosal immune system in relationship to protective immunity to HIV are poorly defined.

Method of Study  A broader review of vaccine-induced immunity in mucosal systems was undertaken.

Results  A series of questions are posed. The limited answers to the questions indicate our profound lack of knowledge of some of the broader issues of the induction of mucosal immunity. The questions posed include the following: Is there a common mucosal immune system? Is IgA the critical immunoglobulin class in mucosal protection? Will systemic administration of antigen stimulate mucosal immunity? Is there true sterilizing mucosal immunity? What is the duration of mucosal immunity?

Conclusion  The focus on mucosal immunity in HIV of this conference highlights recent remarkable advances in our understanding of the early events in HIV pathogenesis at the mucosal surface. This review identifies areas for further research.