• Adiponectin;
  • immune response;
  • placenta

Citation McDonald EA, Wolfe MW. The pro-inflammatory role of adiponectin at the maternal–fetal interface. Am J Reprod Immunol 2011; 66: 128–136

Problem  A successful pregnancy is contingent on maternal tolerance of the immunologically foreign fetus. Prevalent diseases such as preeclampsia arise in part due to an inappropriate immune response by the placenta. A number of molecules have been proposed to temper cellular response to pro-inflammatory mediators, including CD24 and Siglec10.

Methods  Cytotrophoblast cells from healthy term placentas were treated with adiponectin in vitro and analyzed with qPCR and ELISA-based assays. Immunohistochemistry was performed on term villous sections and cultured trophoblasts.

Results  Treatment with adiponectin increased expression of IL-1β and IL-8. Term villi express CD24 in cytotrophoblasts and the syncytiotrophoblast, and Siglec10 by the syncytiotrophoblast. Treatment of trophoblast cells with adiponectin increased Siglec10 expression.

Conclusion  These data describe a role for adiponectin in enhancing pro-inflammatory signals in in vitro syncytialized trophoblasts. Additionally, this represents the first time the CD24/Siglec10 pathway has been implicated in a trophoblast response to a pro-inflammatory mediator.