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The field of Reproductive Immunology involves more than pregnancy, preeclampsia or preterm labor. It is a comprehensive area that seeks to understand the complexity of the immune system in the female and male reproductive tract.

One of the most challenging and poorly understood areas of Reproductive Immunology is the mucosal immunity of the reproductive tract. In both the male and female the organs associated with reproduction and, therefore, the preservation of the species, are continuously exposed to microorganisms. Many of those, such as bacteria in the vagina and uterus, are crucial for the normal function of these organs. However, pathologic microorganisms are persistently challenging the homeostasis of these organs. A breach in the function of the mucosal immunity of the reproductive tract will lead to complications, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STD), cancer (cervical cancer) and even infertility.

This Special Issue of the AJRI addresses an area that has worldwide implications: the role of the mucosal immunity in the male and female reproductive tract during HIV infection.

Although it has been known for years that sexual transmission is one of the most common ways of transmitting HIV infection, our knowledge of the immunology of the reproductive tract during HIV infection has been limited.

Organized and edited by leaders in the field of Mucosal Immunity, Drs. Charles Wira and Fulvia Veronese, the AJRI is proud to present one of the most comprehensive issues related to HIV infection and the reproductive tract.

The Editorial Office of the AJRI congratulates Drs. Wira and Veronese for their outstanding accomplishment in compiling and editing this Special Issue. We also acknowledge the support of Mrs. Lisbeth B. Cranfield, the Journal Publishing Manager, and her support team, for their commitment and dedication to make this effort a reality.

We hope that the information presented in this issue will be an instrument for all the members of the Reproductive Immunology, Mucosal Immunity and HIV community, to strengthen our efforts in advancing the management of this disease.

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Gil G. Mor MD, PhD
Editor in Chief
The American Journal of Reproductive Immunology