• Polymorphism;
  • preeclampsia;
  • urotensin-II

Citation Na S, Shim J-Yoon, Jung B-Kyung, Won H-Sung, Lee PRyang, Kim A. Urotensin-II 143 G/A polymorphism is not associated with the risk of preeclampsia in Korean women. Am J Reprod Immunol 2011; 66: 423–427

Problem  Urotensin-II (UTS-II) may be associated with preeclampsia. We therefore assessed whether the UTS-II 143 G/A polymorphism is associated with preeclampsia in Korean women.

Method of study  This prospective case–control study enrolled 109 patients with preeclampsia and 144 healthy pregnant controls, all of whom were genotyped for the UTS-II 143 G/A polymorphism using the real-time TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assay.

Results  There was no significant difference in the distribution of the 143 G/A polymorphism or the frequency of the 143 A allele between women with preeclampsia and controls. In a dominant model, carriers of the A allele were not significantly more prevalent in the preeclamptic (53.2%) than in the control (60.4%) group. In addition, subgroup analysis showed no significant difference in genotype distribution or allelic frequency of the 143 G/A polymorphism between women with mild or severe preeclampsia and controls.

Conclusion  In Korean women, the common UTS-II 143 G/A polymorphism is unlikely to have an association with the risk of preeclampsia.