From the Editor: Is Immune Contraception in the Future?


New approaches to contraception are a major clinical, social and population concern. The role of the immune system as a potential mediator of contraception was proposed more than 50 years ago although, unfortunately, through the years the field has shifted from periods of excitement and groundbreaking new developments to disappointments and lack of interest.

With this issue of the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, we are proud to present a collection of reviews summarizing the current status of the field of immune contraception by several respected leaders in the field.

Edited by Dr Rajesh K. Naz, this Special Issue on Contraceptive Vaccines will inform readers of the latest developments, challenge old concepts and offer exciting new ideas for the advancement of the field of immune contraception.

The Special Issue on Contraceptive Vaccines covers the area of human and animal contraception, allowing the cross-pollination of concepts and ideas. One interesting aspect discussed in this Special Issue is the growing application of immune vaccination for the control of reproduction of wild animals.

The Editorial Office offers its congratulations to Dr Naz and to the participating authors for an exciting and provocative issue.