The Marcus Wallenberg International Symposium on comparative reproductive immunology ‘Immunology at the fetal maternal interface: Basic science and clinical applications’ was held at the University of Linköping, Faculty of Health Sciences, Linköping Sweden on July 7 and 8 2011. The aim of the symposium was to gather researchers active within reproductive immunology, with a balance of basic and clinical research as well as with the application of comparative methods (human and animal models, in vivo and in vitro). The program, put forward by the scientific committee, included lectures from internationally recognized speakers, among other national and regional specialists in the area. Posters and oral communications were also welcomed. The program covered the mechanisms of signaling in the female genital tract for the triggering and modulation of immunotolerance and the endometrial capacity for immunological reorganization during physiological (cycle and pregnancy) or pathological situations (infections and placental dysfunction) including bioethical aspects of the area. In addition, mechanisms of fetal programming and consequences for child health were discussed.

The proceedings of the meeting are hereby included in this ONLINE special supplemental issue of the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology (AJRI, Prof Gil Mor, Editor-in-Chief), Guest-edited by Prof Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez. The issue includes reviews and original publications of invited lecturers as well as abstracts, all following customary peer-reviewing.

The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for International Scientific Cooperation, Stockholm, Sweden, is deeply acknowledged for financial support. Sincere thanks are also due to Linköping University and the Faculty of Health Sciences for generous support, to Prof Surendra Sharma (American Society for Reproductive Immunology, ASRI) and Prof Gil Mor for liaising with AJRI and Wiley-Blackwell, respectively, to ensure the timely publication of this issue. We are confident that this volume will provide a valuable resource for scientists and clinicians interested in reproductive immunology.