The role of tissue factor and protease-activated receptor 2 in endometriosis



Yifeng Wang, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University. 253 industrial avenue, Guangzhou 510280, China.




Little is known about the roles of TF and PAR-2 in endometriosis. This article investigated the expression of TF and PAR-2 in ectopic and eutopic endometrium with endometriosis and their relationship with the menstrual cycle.


Ectopic and eutopic endometrium tissues from 42 women with ovarian endometrioma and endometrium tissues from 20 women without endometriosis were obtained. All the samples were assessed for TF and PAR-2 protein location using immunohistochemistry and for relative TF and PAR-2 mRNA expression using real-time florescent quantitative polymerase chain reaction (FQ-PCR).


Total TF and PAR-2 expression were significantly higher in ectopic and eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis when compared with controls. Moreover, TF expression in ectopic and eutopic endometrium and PAR-2 expression in ectopic endometrium were significantly increased through the whole menstrual cycle. However, in eutopic endometrium with endometriosis, PAR-2 expression only in secretory phase was higher than its cycle-matched normal controls. There is no such difference in the proliferative phase.


The abnormal co-upregulated expression of TF and PAR-2 in eutopic and ectopic endometrium may affect the development and growth of endometriotic lesions and highlighted the pathologic role of TF and PAR-2 in eutopic endometrium in endometriosis.