• dental trauma;
  • replantation;
  • revascularization;
  • minocycline;
  • doxycycline;
  • laser Doppler flowmetry

Abstract –  This study investigated the effect of topical antibiotic treatment on pulp revascularization in replanted teeth. Thirty-four immature teeth were selected from three young dogs. Baseline radiographs and laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) readings were obtained. Specimens were randomly divided into four groups: Thirty-eight teeth were extracted, kept dry for 5 min, and either (Group 1) covered with minocycline mixture (G1, n = 11), (Group 2) soaked in doxycycline (G2, n = 11), or (Group 3) soaked in saline (G3-negative control, n = 6), and replanted. Teeth in Group 4 were not extracted (positive control, n = 6). Postoperative radiographs and LDF readings were obtained for 2 months after replantation. After sacrifice, the jaws were collected and processed for light microscopy. Pre- and postreplantation LDF readings and radiographs, and histologic findings were analyzed to assess revascularization. Pulp revascularization occurred in 91% (G1), 73% (G2), and 33% (G3) of the specimens. In conclusion, minocycline facilitates pulp revascularization in replanted immature teeth after replantation.