Renal Cell Carcinoma in Kidney Allografts: A Case Series from a Single Center


Corresponding author: Azemi Barama,


In kidney transplant recipients, renal cell carcinoma (RCC) occurs either in the native kidney or, less frequently, in the grafted kidney. Here, we report a series of rare cases involving 5 patients from a single center who developed RCC in their grafts. The diagnosis was made serendipitously by ultrasound. The time lapse post-transplant varied from 4 to 17 years. Surgical treatment consisted of nephron-sparing surgery (NSS) in four cases and a secondary radical nephrectomy in one case. All tumors were less than 4 cm in diameter. The histopathology was clear cell type in four cases and papillary RCC in one case. Patients treated by NSS retained kidney function for 2 years or more, and none of them presented early neoplasia recurrence. In conclusion, NSS can be performed safely in grafted kidneys to treat incidental RCC. It prevents an immediate return to dialysis for patients.