Table S1: Baseline donor-specific antibody levels for eculizumab and control patients as determined by various assays including: The B flow cytometric crossmatch channel shift (BFXM), the T-cell antihuman globulin cytotoxicity crossmatch (TAHG, N = negative, P = positive) and the highest measured antidonor HLA specificity as determined by the solid-phase LABscreen assay (MFI). Patients who developed AMR after transplant are listed separately from those who did not develop AMR (no AMR)

Table S2: Creatinine and DSA levels after transplantation, creatinine and DSA levels of eculizumab-treated patients, creatinine and BFXM data of the control group

Table S3: Banff scores of biopsies of eculizumab-treated patients and Banff scores of biopsies of the control group

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